General Terms & Conditions

-Delivered car can differ from reserved car in terms of color and model, but will never be a downgrade.


-Maximum Excess (Eigen Risico):  € 700,- or US$ 750.-

-Fuel tank = 100%. Please return the car with the tank completely filled back again 

-(Super, Yellow Pump). If not 100% filled back a penalty fee is applicable of US$25 plus per ¼ tank US$20 fee.

-Unlimited kilometers & Extra driver included in the total price

-In case of an emergency> DO NOT MOVE THE CAR and call Curaçao Road Service (Forensys) at +59994613282

-Not following this procedure will result in a payable fee of US$ 300


-Please note that roads are very slippery when wet. Do not go OFF ROAD with the rental car

-Don’t leave any belongings in the car while away from the car

-When returning from the beach in wet bathing suit/clothes, please place towels on the seats, before taking place in the car

-Current condition of the car will be filled on online damage waiver and by pick-up used as reference.

-In case of a flat tire>please replace the tire yourself or call the “Wegenwacht”.  It is the responsibility to get the flat tire fixed as soon as possible. 

-Please contact our Customer Care Center for information where to get the tire fixed. The costs of fixing the tire will be paid by Tenant. If not, we are forced to charge you a fine of US$ 125.-

-The rental car insurance is not valid in Punda, Otrabanda and Pietermaai areas unless the car is parked 

-in a (free) parking garage at Renaissance Hotel or City Suites, or behind a closed private fence

Other general Rental Conditions:
Renter has read and understood the following conditions. Renter must know how to operate the rented car. Renter must have a valid driving license. Only the renter is allowed to operate the car. Car shall be handled and driven as if it was Renters own car. Renter is solely liable for any cost, damage or injuries sustained by occupants of the car. Renter is solely liable for any cost, damage or theft of property left or stored in the car. If car is left unlocked, renter is fully responsible for all damages. (Towing) Costs & damages incurred due to lost keys, draining battery (e.g., leaving lights on while car is off), off-roading, will be payable by renter if Wegenwacht can’t assist you. Not included in the rental insurance: Damage or puncture of tires and windows. Insurance is not valid in case driver is under influence of Drugs or Alcohol. Insurance is not valid in case any other person than the customer is driving the vehicle. In case of payable excess and/or damages; the excess/damages must be paid before leaving the island of Curaçao. In case of returning the car with excessive dirt, sand or stains a cleaning fee will be charged of US$50. No smoking allowed in the car, in case of smoking a cleaning fee will be charged of US$250.- Tanking Diesel results in $350 damages to car payable by Renter.

Cancelation Policy:

-If you cancel up to 5 days before the start of the rental we charge US$80,- cancellation costs
-If you cancel between 5 days and 24 hours before the start of the rental period we charge US$150,-
-If you cancel within 24 hours before the start of the rental period or if you don’t pick up the car, you will be charged the full rental amount.

Down payment Policy

-After making a reservation a downpayment of 50% of the rental sum is required.
-Downpayment can be done through a payment link that Cura Explore will send by e-mail or by wire payment.
-Downpayment will be deducted from rental sum.
-Normal cancelation policy applies on down payment policy, meaning that if cancellation is done in the time down payment will be fully refunded
-Reservation is only confirmed after completing downpayment.